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Handbag Making Courses

create handmade leather bags and accessories

Make leather bags, accessories, and gifts

We teach classes in leather handbag and accessories construction.

Our courses teach a variety of techniques and skills. The leather crafting courses may cover beginning, intermediate, and advanced level techniques. The handbag and accessories making classes offer an overview of leather crafting tools, and teach non-traditional and classic techniques such as; cutting leather, saddle stitching, adding pipping, turning the bag, dropping the lining, edge finishing, inserting zippers, and attaching handles and straps. The courses offer in-class demonstrations, assignments, and skill-building task; as well as and at-home assignments and tasks to complete your bag, accessory items, or project. All of the techniques and skills listed may not be taught in every class.
Handmade Leather Handbag Classes in Detroit Michigan