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HAndbag Making classes

Our classes teach leather handbag and accessories construction. We begin with basic handbag making skills, which are taught through project based classes, workshops, and bootcamps.
First we teach student about the tools of the trade and how to use them, and give an overview of leather types. Next we give students task to immediately begin uses leather crafting tools and learn basic rudimentary skills such as cutting leather, saddle stitching, and adding rivets.

As students move through each level they build a deeper understanding of each skill-set needed to make handbags by hand, such as edge finishing, and attaching handles and straps, and inserting pockets. Our courses focus on teaching students a variety of old world leather crafting techniques that are used to make handbags, wallets, belts, and many other small leather accessories. The handbag making courses vary in difficultly and may or may not cover all levels and  techniques.

All classes are project based and allow students to practice using leather crafting tools while making a handbag or leather accessory. Once students have mastered the basics they are taught intermediate and advanced handbag making skills such as adding pipping, dropping the lining, turning the bag, and inserting zippers. Advance courses include, patterns making, and prototyping your own design, adding embellishments and more.
The courses offer in-class demonstrations, assignments, and skill-building task; as well as and at-home assignments and tasks to complete your bag, accessory items, or project. All of the techniques and skills listed may not be taught in every class. Register for handbag making classes and begin building your leather handbag making skills today. Get training, tips and insight on how to start making you own handbags and leather accessories designs.

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